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July 31, 2018

Hello Religious Education Families,

We pray that each of you are finding time to enjoy the blessings of summer with your families.  Preparation for the coming Catechetical year is well underway.  Our Faith Formation program is designed to serve the families that do not attend a Catholic School in La Crosse.  The focus is on encouraging children to answer the call of Jesus and to provide opportunities for them to learn more about their faith through scripture, tradition and weekly participation as well as to teach them how to add faith into their daily life.    

Elementary Formation 1-5
Class time will begin at 6:00 pm and let out at 6:55pm.  Our first concern is the safety of children entering and exiting the building.  We ask that with younger children, you park and escort them in the building.  After class meet them at their room or the door and walk with them back to your vehicle.

Middle School and High School Formation 6-10
Class time will begin at 7:00 pm and let out at 8:15pm.  *this is a change from last year*

First Reconciliation & First Communion Preparation
For all those in 2nd grade – this includes students that attend Catholic school as well, however you will  continue to receive your faith formation through the School system.
Tentative dates: January 12, 2019 for First Reconciliation and May 5, 2019 for First Communion.

Confirmation Candidates
Information on Confirmation will come later in the fall. Preparation is done through their weekly class’s
retreats, and service opportunities. Confirmation will be Wednesday, May 15th at the Cathedral of St Joseph the Workman.

Registration Form
Enclosed is the registration form.  The form must be accompanied by a minimum deposit of $50.00 per family.  Registration is considered complete when we have received all forms and the total tuition payment.   Tuition is $75.00 for the first child, $50.00 for the second and $30 for each additional child.
Please make the check payable to St. Joseph Ridge Parish and mail to St. Joseph Ridge Parish W2601 St. Rd 33, La Crosse, WI  54601 or you can place it in the offering basket at Mass in an envelope marked CCD.  Please return your registration form by August 20, 2018 to ensure time to order need materials.

  • If you need confidential tuition assistance or an alternative payment plan, please contact Stacy Burns.  No student will be excluded from the program due to financial situations.

Students are required to attend all sessions, including Liturgies and family events.  If a student must be absent, parents need to call the Coordinator of Religious Education- Teresa Brown at 608-787-0883 as soon as you are aware of the absence or before call begins.  Once attendance is taken, you may receive a courtesy call if your child is absent without an excuse.  Students are expected to arrive punctually and stay for the duration of the session unless the student leaves accompanied by a parent or arrangements have been made earlier with their teacher.

Cell phones

Cell phones will NOT be allowed in the classrooms, we ask that you keep your child’s cell phone at home.  If they do bring their phones, they will be put in a holder or basket until after class, if you have an emergency please contact your students teacher, they will provide their phone on the first day of class.

Sessions will be canceled in the event that La Crosse, West Salem or Bangor Public Schools are canceled.  If inclement weather develops later in the day, we will call or email to communicate cancellations.

If a behavioral issue occurs in the classroom, it we be addressed as follows:

  • The Catechist will warn the child and take appropriate measures to correct the behavior
  • If the child’s misbehavior continues, he or she will meet with the Coordinator, the Catechist, and Father Tim. Parents may be contacted as necessary.
  • If behavior issues still occur, the Coordinator and Father Tim will meet with parents and students as necessary and appropriate. 

Christian Conduct
A Christian atmosphere will be maintained in the classrooms.  If necessary, a student may be dismissed from the program for part or all of the school year.  Each student should:
             be in class on time
             bring needed materials / return folder
             remove hats and jackets in the building
             refrain from eating, drinking or gum chewing unless organized by the Catechist
             be respectful and cooperative
             listen and share one at a time

Willful damage or destruction of school or parish property by students is cause for disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the program.  The program requires that restitution be made by student(s) according to the degree of damage.

– Pray together as a family, especially at mealtime and bedtime.  Encourage individual prayer.
– Read and talk about the Sunday Gospel.
– Celebrate the sacraments and observe holy days and church seasons.

Family Involvement
We recognize that parents and families are the primary teachers of our faith to their children.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide formal classroom instruction and offer various ways for parents and families to be involved in the program:
– Support your Catechist with assisting in service opportunities with your youth.
– Participate in Sunday Mass and Special Liturgies
– Donate refreshments for special events.
– Be involved in your child’s formation, ask them questions after class, and engage them in conversation.

Your children will learn by following your example.  Their commitment to faith will be strengthened by your lead in attending weekly worship.  The center of Catholic life has always been though the Eucharist.  Because we want our children to realize that our Sunday worship is the celebration of our faith and all that we believe, it is important that we celebrate the Eucharist with our parish community on Sunday.  Please attend one of our weekend Masses as a family each week.

The first day of class will be Wednesday, September 12th and the opening Mass for all students and parents will be Wednesday, September 19.  A full schedule is included with this letter, however, it is subject to change.  Please look for the full schedule on the first day of classes.


Teresa Brown
Coordinator of Religious Education